Meeting the challenge of integrating haemato-oncology diagnostic tests into one comprehensive yet clear report is now achievable with the Haemato Oncology Diagnostic System - HODS. The complete software solution for integration of Haemato Oncology diagnostics.


Web based running on NHS N3. Secure login with defined user access levels. Remote and central test requesting. Coding using current WHO standards. Instant email alerts for clinicians and lab staff. Built on Microsoft SQL Server. Common LIMS interface import format. In-built help pages. Single integrated report.


"This software is very intuitive and hence is both quick to learn and very easy to use."
Dr Steve Hawkins. Consultant Haematologist, Royal Liverpool Hospital

"With HODS, I can request tests from my clinic, check their progress and view the integrated report in my office."
Dr John Snowden. Consultant Haematologist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

About HODS

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, through a partnership with IT specialists Illuminaries, have developed the Haemato Oncology Diagnostic System - HODS.

HODS is a bespoke online solution to the address the challenges in accurately diagnosing haematological cancers such as Leukaemia and Lymphoma. Haematological cancer diagnosis relies on multiple laboratory tests which, without HODS, are reported individually back to the requesting doctor. HODS manages the integration of these results, collating them onto one record. Specialists in haemato-oncology diagnosis can now view all available reports and produce a single report that takes all laboratory tests into consideration.

Illuminaries Ltd are developers of bespoke IT systems for the NHS, public, private and third sector organisations. Since 1993 they have built up an impressive portfolio of work based around Microsoft technologies. The partnership enables us to continue to develop and market the software whilst conforming to the strict IT standards expected in the NHS environment.

Approximately one third of Illuminaries' core business is related to the development and support of IT systems operating within the NHS. Illuminaries core business is presently split into three main areas:

  • Browser based intranet / extranet applications using Microsoft .net technologies
  • Web sites / intranets based around Fooshy CMS, Illuminaries own content management system
  • MS Office based systems using MS Access, Outlook, Word and Excel

Key skills and areas of expertise include:

  • Intranet/Extranet applications
  • Database design and development
  • Business intelligence
  • MS Office development and integration
  • Website design and development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Microsoft technologies

Their systems are based around standard frameworks and design standards developed over many years to provide consistent, easy to use and robust user interfaces, which hundreds of users have experienced and provided feedback on, as well as leading to reduced development times and costs.


Secure, web based specimen booking, tracking and reporting. In-built audit and email notification tools. Seamless integration with existing laboratory systems. Remote and central test requesting is available on line.


  • Remote booking in and test requesting at referring hospital
  • Request form displays tests requested and which department to redirect to
  • Bi-directional email alerts for booking in and specimen receipt
  • An email alerts the central reception when specimens are booked in and an acknowledgment email is sent back to referring hospital on specimen receipt
  • Search by patient demographics or specific episode number
  • View all investigations performed on one patient>
  • Diagnostic sign-off meeting run directly from software with facility to present patient summary and view detailed reports in a meeting environment
  • Colour coded status page of work in progress showing reports expected, in progress and completed


  • Diagnostic coding using current WHO - ICD03 and ICD10 codes
  • WHO codes are easily managed and are updateable via administrator level access
  • Instant email alerts (with web link to secure online report) to requesting clinician when an episode is signed off and closed
  • Additional facility to alert another clinician
  • Automatic email to local MDT coordinator for all new diagnoses
  • Automatic email to local MDT coordinator for all new diagnoses
    • Front page summary
    • Individual lab test summaries
    • Integrated conclusion
    • WHO code and disorder description
  • Full individual lab reports are included in the integrated report as appendices


  • Common LIMS interface import format. Currently interfaced to APEX (iSOFT), STARLIMS and MS Access
  • Ability to import in any plain text or structured (XML, CSV) format
  • Built on Microsoft SQL Server
  • Connect and query using MS Access or any ODBC compliant tool for user definable data extraction and manipulation
  • Uses existing IT hardware and can be accessed from any internet enabled PC on the NHS network
  • Diagnostic pathway tool that can create case specific actions and instructions for Haemato-Pathologists
  • Export diagnostic data on demand to Cancer Registry or external databases in XML and csv format


  • The software is managed from tables which can be defined by administrators
  • Administrators have the ability to add, edit and remove :-
    • WHO - ICD codes
    • Referring Hospitals
    • Requesting Clinicians
    • Lab test repertoire
    • Sample sites and Organs
    • Specimen types
  • Link sample types to default lab tests
  • Manage user credentials


  • Accessible throughout the NHS (N3) network via web browser
  • Individual user logon credentials with defined user access levels
  • Passwords expire and require a minimum length to enhance security
  • Administrator access allows remote resetting of passwords and creation and removal of users


  • Real-time, user defined turnaround statistics for Integrated and single laboratory reports
  • Easily accessible online document store
  • Upload meeting minutes, educational documents and presentations
  • In-built help pages
  • Online user feedback form

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Sheffield Teaching Hospitals in conjunction with Illuminaries Ltd have developed the Haemato Oncology Diagnostic System

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Haemato-Oncology Diagnostic Services (HODS) as recommended in NICE Improving Outcomes Guidance for Haemato Oncology diagnosis and monitoring.

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